Waterdeep the most famous trade city in faerun has taken a major blow to its stability, known as the Doppelganger Crisis. A Greater Doppelganger and dozens of his minions infiltrated Waterdeep’s Elite Police Force allowing in crime syndicates from other cities and states. Most of the senior police have been murdered the hidden Lords are said to be so desperate they has called in assistance from unlikely sources such as Artek the Knife thief extraordinaire, a gruff duergar dwarf who only answers to Sarge and the borderline insane mage known as the Keeper of Cursed Items. These three unlikely saviours are supposed to rebuild the elite police squad known as Special Forces, they have to find unknown recruits unlikely to be corrupted from the seedier side of the city and turn them into the nastiest good guys in town.

Drugs have become a major problem among the poor sections of society. Gangs run rife in docks, extortion rackets, luhix dens, luhix addicted sex slaves and hitman are easy to find in the dock ward. Illegal black powder and Harulaan alchemy is readily available to the criminal element.

You’re a new recruit you have to make 8 blocks of dock ward save for the average citizen, to make matters worse rumours that The Lycan Wars have spread to the sewer system makes the job that much harder. One crew of thieves have even opened shop offering security and recovery services for those with the cash, The Velvent Hands, of course the Lords aren’t against free enterprise but this crew of teen rogues is making the cops look very bad.

Can you find the chaos and leave order, Can you do so and maintain your integrity? Did that last bribe of 50 gp sound good, what about the next one of 1000 gp? Or maybe just take a little bit of the red leaf from the lock up it helps a lot in a fight no one will notice and its for a good cause and you’ll only do it one more time?

Waterdaven Campaign