Artek the Knife


Displacer Beast Hide Armour

Twin Returning Daggers +5
Dual Keen Rapiers +5
Drow Hand Bow +5

Mythral Gnomish Lockpicks
Giant Spider Silk rope
Cloak of the Bat
Boots of Elven Swiftness
Halasters Horned Ring of Teleport within Undermountain
Compass Tattoo of Selune

Character Level


Formerly the most feared rogue in Waterdeep now heralded as the saviour of a Noble Council Member. Artek has attempted to change his image by no longer wearing his trademark black leather armour but wearing the attire of a noble, mostly bright silks. This however appears to have the opposite of effect on the well to do of Waterdeep, now that he dresses well enough to get invited to the best parties (and occasionally does) they take it that he is casing the place.

Although he was never quick with his knives his reputation is that of a nasty scoundral, although he has never even been charged with murder the rich act as if that is only because he is too clever to get caught. They forget he did 12 months in the Hole the most un-escapable cell in the city.

Called upon by the Hidden Lords to resovle the current police crisis because it takes a rogue to catch a rogue.

Artek the Knife

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