Loben The Scarred

Somewhat superstitious he believes his bad luck is due to some offence he has made to his diety lady luck and is attempting to appease her with acts of good


STR 17
DEX 16
CON 15
INT 14
WIS 14
CHA 11

Fort 5
Ref 7
Will 2
AC 20
Warhammer+1 Bab 7 d84 20×3


Born in the Waterdeep docks his mother a whore and his father unknown. He made his coin as a child first cutting purses and in burglary until his teens where his size and love for a fight found him working as an enforcer for a small time loan shark. His vice is gambling and often finds himself out of favour with lady luck and is always poorer for it. After a few close calls with the law the last few years has found him trying more ‘honest’ dock work as a bouncer and debt recovery agent. Loben doesnt have many friends and tends to be a loner but he does recognise the value of true friendship, epsecially if that friendship leads to his enrichment.
His pale face is a map of scars with cold crystal blue eyes, black hair falls to his shoulders filled with the occasional braid and trinket.
Mother is dead father unknown no known sibling an “uncle” owns tavern in docks
Reason for joining the Watch
Loben was convicted of assualt after breaking the arm of a debtor on behalf of his loan shark employer. He was offered a choice join the watch or do 6 months hard labour.

Loben The Scarred

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