He cant be as young as he looks and as good as he says he is, Surely!


Appearence: Human Male, 5”, 90lbs, Long Strawbery Blonde Hair, bum fluff on face, very lean,

Gnomish Workmans Leather (Dark Grey)

Several Daggers +2
Dual Rapiers +2
Drow Hand Bow +2
Custom Staff Sling +2
Light Repeating Crossbow

Gnomish Lockpicks
Human Hair rope
Cloak of the Elvenkind
Boots of Elvenkind
minium 8 pouches of stuff

Character Level


Talen appears to be a short human teen around 5 foot flat, he has slightly sharp features and long light strawberry blonde hair. He is cheeky and fast, the rumours of his exploits cant all be true. The street says that:-

  • He has out run and hid drow assassins after the bounty on his ears;
  • He has broken into the prison to give his best mate his favourite shirt;
  • He can pick your pockets whilst cutting you to pieces with a dagger;
  • He can goose a sea gull from 50’ with his weird staff sling thingy;
  • He runs his own crew but nobody knows who is in it;
  • He talks, not prays, to Tymora and she answers back;

There is a reward of 300 gp to anyone who can provide evidence that will stand up in court that Talen has committed any serious offence.

Most people like Talen and women between 15-25 think he is adorbable. He is the quintessential likable scoundral just don’t trust him with your money, your life sure, but your valuables are a different matter.

He is a phenomenal pick pocket and can free run like he is a part spider, part deer and part frog.

The only member of the watch that has ever caught him is Valda the 6” 44E amazonian in tight form fitting leather armour the main reason is probably becuase he keeps turning around to watch her run, well that and the getting wrestled to the ground when she does catch him. however its always for such miniscule misdeamours that he only gets locked up for the day before being released.


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