Waterdaven Campaign

Stinkytown Cleanup
Ordered to cleanup the roughest area of the docks within 6 weeks or die trying

Loben, Smudge and Loylan met with the sarge who ordered them to make the roughest part of Dock Ward “safe enough to take my dear old grandma for an evening walk”.

The crew went straight to Tanners Avenue commonly referred to as “Stinkytown” due to the stench from the tanners and rendering factories that are in the area. The went into “The Broken Fist”, Stinkytown’s only tavern and spoke to the Half Orc Goliath Grom. In an attempt to discover information to get the two families who formerly controlled Stinkytown on side the Crew discovered that the neice of the infamous Jack Maclean head of the Maclean Clan has gone missing. The crew commence investigating her disappearence and discover that aside from a protidious apetite she was also a closet adventurer, exploring the sewers and catecombes beneath Waterdeep as well as the upper level of undermountain itself.


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