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Does that goblin look like an easy mark, never forget where you are, if your on level 3 of undermountain odds are it ain’t an ordinary goblin, did he just find a dead dwarf and put on his mythral chain shirt? is that a dwarven throwing axe on his belt? Has he just sculled a potion of storm giant strength and put on a a ring of stone skin? or is he just a goblin with a crappy axe who is very lost has has the life expectancy of a may fly?

Skills are always useful! Every skill has a purpose! except balance forget balance what is tumble for?

If your characters intellegence is over 10 Act like it, if its under 6 dont let YOUR character come up with the brillant plan.

Good people cant do evil things! Evil people can do what they feel like. Evil does not always equal psychopath its best when it doesn’t.

Time outs for thought aren’t like beer more is not always better.

Thought of a new use for a skill, spell, weapon, or wonderous item that you have. AWESOME! Role playing XP headed your way. Don’t push your luck to far it only streches so thin.

Don’t need that extra short sword? Be sure its not the short sword that saves your life you just left behind on the dungeon floor.

Is that magic trinket really as useless as it sounds? Why would a GM make up a useless magical trinket.

Just becuase it’s cursed doesn’t mean it’s not useful.

The gods are watching (in fact they are sitting at the other end of the table)!

Does the GM care if your alignment shifts Hell no but Torm might! Killed your 15 Priest of Cyric but haven’t been keeping track, Cyric has!

Kill a goblin get 10 XP, turn the little green SOB into a useful member of Society, Priceless!

Are you sure you killed all the orcs? There wasn’t a young one hidding under the hay stack watching you kill his mother and swearing vengence to Gromish (who might even be listening). Actions have consequences and consequences makes the best plots.

Tyches Tits thats one big orge! Binders Books that was tough! Staying in character = XP

A standard backpack does not hold 12 long swords, 2 suits of platemail and enough food for a banquent. Also 1000 GP is bloody heavy! The GM has given you every item odds are he has a list of what you are apparently carrying. He does keep track and your character sheet! Bags of holding aren’t cheap but they are useful, if your a hoarder they are necessary.

Theives are everywhere if you are in a city its likely eventually you will get pick pocketed, or burgled. SH@t just happens, learn to deal.

Really want some item? If it doesn’t unbalance the game mechanics odds are you will get it at some point Unless you whine. Whining has strange effects on items they become impossible to find for some reason.

GM Advice

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